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Where to purchase dolls?

There's a large variety of doll brands to consider when making the important decision of who your next doll will be!
Some of these brands include, Volks Dollfie Dream, Smart Doll, Obitsu and Azone to name a few! 
Angelic Doll Customs has teamed up with Sakura Dreams: Dollfie Dream® Friend Shop, a UK based retailer of Volks Dollfie Dream products, to make your vinyl doll shopping experience much easier! 

For more information about Sakura Dreams: Dollfie Dream® Friend Shop, how Angelic Doll Customs has teamed up with them and what they have to offer, be sure to click the button below!


  • I ask for payment to be made in full when the dolls arrive to me, before any work is done on them. Layaway's can be arranged if necessary for larger commissions, please message me to discuss this.

  • All payments are completely non-refundable under any circumstance. Refunds can not be provided once payment has been made.

  • Please ensure the address linked to your Paypal account is the address you would like your commission to be returned to once it is complete. If it is not correct I will have to refund your payment, minus the fees and you will be required to pay again with the correct address. This is to ensure both parties are covered by Paypal! 

  • Work will be automatically charged in GBP/£. But, you are more than welcome to request for the total to be converted to your local currency. For this, a currency conversion fee of 4% will be added to the total.

  • I will provide you with many progress pictures, you are more than welcome to ask for more but please note that progress pictures may look rough as it is not the finished piece.

  • I do not provide 'digital mock-ups' of faceup work as it is difficult to then translate this sketch image into 3D, which may lead to difficulties on both ends and unrealistic expectations. This is why I provide a large number of progress pictures throughout the face-up process. 

  • I will not copy other artists work, including official company face-ups. I do encourage images to be provided for guidance but please note that it will not look the same as the image, all images will only be used for inspiration!

  • When Booking a slot, please make sure you definitely want the slot, and will be able to pay for it in full when it is your turn for a commission. If cancelling a commission slot, please provide a 30 day MINIMUM notice. Otherwise you will incur a 'strike'. There will be one strike per commission slot booked. e.g. if you book 2 slots and fail to notify of cancellation, you will get 2 strikes!
    3 strikes will result in me no longer being able to provide face-up services to you. I understand that things happen, but sadly I can't allow lots of short notice cancellations as it affects both my workflow and other clients. 


  • Changes can be difficult to make, especially changes involving removing parts, which may mean that I need to remove the whole face-up! Asking for a drastic change when the face-up is near complete, or has been sealed in, will result in a re-work charge of £80 (or price of a standard face-up of that doll size) as you are basically receiving two face-up's! You are more than welcome to ask for details added on. Charges will be based on MY discretion. 

  • Please make sure you notify me of any changes to the face-up you would like made straight away. If it is left too late/ the face-up progress is sealed, I will not be able to make any changes without wiping the whole face-up progress. In this case, the £80 re-work charge will be charged.

  • Please send plenty of examples of what you would like, especially with modifications, as these are permanent. Therefore, If not right the first time round it cannot be changed! Please provide images to show examples of what eye shape, mouth shape, ear mod shape and length you would like! The more examples you send, the easier it will be! I am NOT liable for dissatisfaction based on insufficient or incorrect references provided.

  • Please make sure you know exactly how you want your doll to look, because when I have started on a face-up I cannot change without removing everything, if this is the case the £80 fee stated above will apply.

  • When your doll has arrived for the commission, please ensure that you keep up good, thorough communication. I will ask for your opinion after each layer and will not be able to continue until I receive your approval. Delayed communication will result in delays in your commission and will also affect others waiting for their commission slot!

  • If you ask for many changes to the work, such as adding to modifications, changing modification and face-up work after originally approving, or requesting things outside of what we originally discussed for the project, I reserve the rights to charge extra for this further, previously undiscussed work. 

  • If a doll arrives stained and this is not disclosed by the sender, or the previous face-up the doll comes with has stained the doll please note that I will have to charge a stain removal fee, which depends on the severity of the stain, starting at a minimum of £3

  • Please send your doll packaged how you would like to receive it back to you! Such as in a strong/ sturdy cardboard box, with plenty of protective packaging e.g. bubble wrap, as I am not liable for any damaged caused by dolls sent to me badly packaged! Dolls will be sent back to you in the same packaging they are sent to me in. If I feel this packaging isn’t sufficient e.g. shipped in a bubble mailer, I will charge you for the new packaging automatically, please take note.

  • Seen as I am located in the UK, Customs fees will apply for packages valued at over £25/ $40, I am not liable for any customs fees accumulated by your package, and will ask for these fees paid in full by the sender before I can pick the doll up from the post office. Full proof of fees will be provided, such as an image of the customs letter, or e-receipt. Only packages under £25/ $40 are likely to avoid these fees, although this isn’t 100% certain, so please keep this in mind.

  • Commission work is currently running using a waitlist system. The dates provided for your slot are a prediction and are not set in stone; they can change at any time without warning. 

  • Commission work is a hobby in which I do alongside a full-time job. So please be patient when sending messages as I am not available 24/7 to answer messages, I apologise for the inconvenience. I reserve the rights to reject any commissions for any reason.

  • Please look at my FAQ for more information!

    Thank you x 


Dollfie dream/ Smart Doll:*

  • Basic face-up= £80

  • Original face-up removal=£10

  • Mouth sanding=£38

  • Eye hole modifications=£25

  • Closed eye opening=£25

  • Eye fully closed modification= £95 for both eyes closing/ £55 for one eye closing.**

  • I may also accept eye size minimizing on request starting at £45, feel free to PM for a quote! **

  • Elf ears= £50 (please note, since I use Milliput they are permanent)**

  • 3D mouth mod=£50

  • Chest blushing=£45

  • Full body blushing= starts at £130   (dependent on doll size & number of parts)

  • Stain removal= starts at £3 depending on the severity, price will change.
    (If a doll arrives stained enough under the original faceup after being wiped I WILL ask for the fee to be paid in order for me to work on it, so please keep this in mind.)

  • Skin colour blushing/ changing (e.g. white skin to semi-white skin~)= starts at £15

  • Manicure/painted nails + hand blushing= £22

  • Custom fake nails + hand blushing= £30***

  • Custom eye design= Start at £6 (+the price of the eye itself****)

*Price changes as of April 2024

** Please take into consideration when ordering modifications like these that there may be seam-lines, slight differences in colour and/ or air-bubbles between the vinyl and the modification. These are completely unavoidable. If you are concerned about these, then these modifications may not be suitable for you.

***Please note this modification requires you to take great care when adding/ removing hands & general handling. Due to the size of each nail, it is impossible for every one to be made to the exact same size. Some hand positions (e.g. fist) also make it very difficult to add nails, so there may be imperfections in this case. 

**** Price for a custom eye design includes the price of the design ONLY. A type of eye MUST be purchased alongside an eye type (e.g. resin/ acrylic), designs CANNOT be purchased separately. Price will increase depending on design complexity and number of required re-colours. This fee will be charged PER design, if you have multiple designs, this fee will incur for each single design. 

Obitsu/ Azone:*

  • 11cm+ head face-up=£70

  • 21-27cm head faceup= £80

  • 40-60cm head face-up= £80

  • (if a head does not include eye holes, it will be an additional £8 per head in order to draw on eyes)

    Modifications are available for Obitsu/ Azone heads, for the larger heads (40-60cm) see Dollfie Dream prices above). for smaller heads, please message for a quote.


  • Standard faceup (YOSD)=£80

  • Standard faceup (1/4th)= £80

  • Standard faceup (above 1/4)= £80

  • For fantasy faceups please message for a price as price will depend on the amount of work. (The base price will depend on doll size)

  • Small tattoos and part blushing= Price starts at £12, full price given via quote

  • For any other type of work, please send a message. e.g. for small tattoos/ blushing as this may also be possible

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