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About me

I am a UK based doll artist and stationery lover, wanting to combine my love for both dolls and stationery to hopefully share that love with others!

Art, anime and kawaii culture have always been a huge passion throughout my life, I came up with the idea of combining these passions to share the joy I experience from these hobbies. My goal is to provide an easy way for people all over the world to be able to access cute art supplies, custom one of a kind dolls and a super friendly service at the same time!

I started collecting Dollfie Dreams in 2014 and founded Angelic Doll Customs in 2017 after starting out with painting  Monster High dolls, before long I moved on to painting and customising Dollfie Dreams! From there I was able to gain the confidence to branch out and accept commissions for many other brands of dolls including, but not limited to, Smart Doll, Angel Philia and Obitsu, plus many different brands of resin dolls!

  I never expected Angelic Doll Customs to become what it is today, but it is my goal to continue to work on ensuring Angelic Doll Customs is the best it can be, by pushing myself to continue to go out of my comfort zone and try new things! I am always up for a challenge, and have plenty of exciting ideas planned for the future of ADC!
  I feel extremely grateful for the skills and confidence I have gained since the forming of Angelic Doll Customs and would like to thank you for supporting me along the way!

ADC xx


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