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Frequently  Asked Questions

  • Are you currently accepting commissions?
    The short answer, yes! I may take short breaks from time to time, especially over holiday periods or if my slots are fuller than usual, but generally my face-up commissions are open all year round! Any breaks I take will be posted on my social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) so be sure to like and follow to stay up to date!
  • How long do commissions take?
    The average time for a commission depends on the work needed and my current schedule at the time. For example, a standard faceup during a slower period would usually take 4-8 weeks, whereas a faceup with modifications usually takes 6-10 weeks or longer depending on what is being done. For more accurate time scales, please message me! All time frames are ROUGH estimates. It is possible that a commission may take longer than a given time frame. By booking a commission slot you understand and agree to this.
  • I live in ______ country, do you accept commissions from here?"
    Yes! I accept commissions worldwide! For commissions outside of Europe I ask for parcels to be marked at a value of $40 USD, and as a gift to avoid customs fees. You're more than welcome to mark parcels at a higher value, but senders are responsible for all customs fees that may arise from their packages.
  • Do I have to pay customs fees?
    The sender of the package for commissions etc are responsible for ALL fees which may arise when their package enters the UK. Parcels marked below $40 USD are not usually subject to fees, but sometimes they may still get them. Please take this into account before booking a commission slot.
  • How do I book a commission slot?
    To book a slot, please send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. When messaging, be sure to include a small amount of information about the doll to start with such as sculpt, brand, any work you would like doing etc. Sadly, I currently do not accept commissions through e-mail due to the difficulty replying to messages compared to social media.
  • Where can I purchase dolls?
    Dolls can be purchased from many websites including Volks Dollfie Dream store, Smart Doll, Azone and Obitsu to name a few! To make purchasing dolls even easier, Angelic Doll Customs has teamed up with Sakura Dreams: Dollfie Dream® Friend Shop to provide our customers with a fast, friendly and efficient doll purchasing experience! Those who have arranged and reserved a commission slot with Angelic Doll Customs can purchase dolls to be sent directly to us from Sakura Dreams: Dollfie Dream® Friend Shop for a face-up, to save on shipping and customs fees!
  • Do you have a wait list for commissions?
    Yes, I am currently using a wait list system for all face-up work. To book a slot on the wait list, please send me a message through Facebook or Instagram! Please note that all wait list slots are a guideline, it may take longer for me to get to your slot in the list than originally stated.
  • I want to cancel my faceup slot
    You are welcome to cancel your faceup slot, although failure to notify me of this less than 2 weeks before the agreed date of shipment will lead to a strike on your name. If a total of 3 strikes arise you will be banned from commissioning me for a faceup in the future. This is because it is extremely stressful to have to deal with repeat cancellations and flaking on orders/ commissions when other people are waiting for the chance to get a slot.
  • I want a commission slot, but can only pay on ____ day...
    I require payments for commissions in FULL once the dolls arrive to me, BEFORE any work is completed on them. You will have 1 week (7 days) from the date I message you to let you know the doll has arrived, to pay for your commission work. Failure to do this will result in a strike on your name. 3 strikes total and you will be banned from commissioning me in the future. This rule may sound harsh, but failing to pay on an agreed date is extremely stressful and delays face-up work for ALL other people too.
  • Can I order a doll directly to you for a face-up?
    Yes! It is possible for those who have booked a commission slot with us to arrange for a doll to be delivered to us from the company itself. To make purchasing dolls even easier, Angelic Doll Customs has teamed up with Sakura Dreams: Dollfie Dream® Friend Shop, an official retailer of Dollfie Dream items in the UK to provide our customers with a simple and friendly doll shopping experience, saving on postage and customs fees! Visit to see all of the amazing Dollfie Dream items Sakura Dreams: Dollfie Dream® Friend Shop has to offer!
  • Do you have doll bodies/ full dolls too?
    No, I do not sell doll bodies or full dolls. I also do not stock doll heads, these must be shipped from you to me, or ordered directly to me after booking a commission slot. Doll heads, bodies, full dolls and other items can be purchased directly from Sakura Dreams: Dollfie Dream Friend Store.
  • What materials are your eyes made from?
    We have 2 options for eyes at Angelic doll customs: 1-Acrylic= Acrylic eyes made with a UV resin lens. 2- Resin= Full UV resin eye made in one piece with design embedded inside. High quality UV resin is used when making resin eyes, these eyes are less likely to yellow. But some yellowing may occur over long periods of time. Please note that eyes may have small dust particles, surfase scratches and air bubbles, these are unavoidable due to their handmade nature.
  • I have made my own design, will you print it for me?
    Sadly not, I have decided to only print and make eyes using my own designs. This is to avoid possible any issues of stolen designs etc. I am however happy to create a brand new design * based on your own concepts/ ideas and also designs based on current characters. *all design commissions are charged an extra $7 design fee on top of the full eye price.
  • It has been ____ days, when will my order ship?!
    As all orders are hand made to order, this means that I begin making them once your order is received. This process takes a lot of time, especially if your order is large, or I have a very busy month with commissions and personal affairs. Orders generally take 7-15 working days to make, but due to the reduced time I have to make orders, it may take 15+ working days for your order to ship. Please take this into account before ordering. (Working days do NOT include weekends)
  • I ordered the wrong size, can I have a refund?
    No, I do not offer refunds for eyes/items which were incorrectly ordered by the buyer. It is not possible for exchanges either as these items are handmade to order. Please ensure you have read the full description of each item as well as other information on the listing page before purchasing, and check you have the correct size, colour and design in your cart before checking out.
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