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Visit to purchase official Volks Dollfie Dream items!

Sakura Dreams : Dollfie Dream ® Friend Shop are a UK based, official retailer and friend shop of Volks Dollfie Dream products, since September 2018. Providing a friendly, fast and efficient delivery of Dollfie Dream products to those within the UK and around the world. 

Sakura Dreams : Dollfie Dream ® Friend Shop was created after a Japan trip lead the owners to realise the only non-Japan store for Volks items was located in the USA, they wanted to bring the magic they felt during this trip to more people throughout the world! Hence the name Sakura Dreams was born, bringing a small part of Japan to the UK and fulfilling their dream whilst doing so. 

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Sakura Dreams : Dollfie Dream ® Friend Shop have teamed up with Angelic Doll Customs to provide our customers with a trustworthy supplier of Dollfie Dream items, alongside a trusted re-painter of dolls, including those from the Dollfie Dream brand. 

Sakura Dreams : Dollfie Dream ® Friend Shop stock a large variety of Volks Dollfie Dream items, including full stock dolls, limited dolls, clothing, bodies and heads. These heads can be shipped directly to Angelic Doll Customs when a commission slot has been reserved, to save the buyer on shipping and customs fees! 

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