Mystery bag- defective items

Mystery bag- defective items

This item is a mystery bag filled with defective items. These defects include marks, scratches, airbubbles in the item design etc, which mean it cannot be sold with regular listings! 
All items work as usual, the only defects are to do with the visual design! 
e.g. all pens work, all erasers work etc. 
The value of the items in this bag are approximately £8+ (based on retail cost). 
MINIMUM 5-7 items inside 

**PLEASE NOTE: The items in this bag are completely RANDOM. You cannot choose what items are in the bag.

ALL items are defective in some way, please DO NOT purchase if you are not happy with receiving defective items. 
Refunds are NOT available for this item. By purchasing this item you understand that refunds can not be provided as these items are bought as sold! 

You CAN NOT request to see pictures beforehand as this is a mystery bag, so items you will receive are a surprise! 😊**
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